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Alahram Herbs co. the main producer supplier, processor of preparation, packaging ,exporting of herbs, spices, seeds , medicinal, aromatic plants and organic herbs in Egypt.

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Al Ahram For Organic Herbs

Al Ahram For Organic Herbs Company is the main Producer, supplier, processor of preparation, packaging, exporting of Herbs, Spices, Seeds, Medicinal, aromatic plants and organic herbs in Egypt.

50 years of experience as a major role in the introduction of cultivation of some medicinal plants in Al Fayoum.

In 2003 the company started transforming 60% of its land area into organic agriculture (Free of pesticides) conforming to the highest international standards.

In 2007 Dr. Ahmed Fathy expanded his business and established a new factory in the industrial zone in kom Oshim at Al Fayoum, specializing in exporting herbs, medicinal and aromatic plants in Egypt.

We have a traceability system which allows us to trace every shipment to its source.

The factory is prepared with the latest equipment and machines which can produce products of high quality.

Our company was chosen by Switzerland global enterprise “SIPPO” and “GIZ” for training and qualifying, whether in our factory in Egypt or Germany.

Al Ahram For Organic Herbs Company holds ISO 22000:2018 ISO 9001:2015, EU and NOP Organic certified.


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Alahram Herbs processing

Our company is a leader in the production of hibiscus in Egypt, so we have dedicated integrated production line for the production of all kinds of hibiscus (flowers, sifting, T.B.C, Powder).

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